Respite Resource Renewal

April 2022

Hello friends of The Hagar House, 

We hope you have been following the details of our progress on our facebook page. A huge thank you to the large number of volunteers who have clocked over 1,200 hours of service. Their hard work means we are still on track to open the doors of The Hagar House this July. 

We will be accepting applications for staff by the end of next month so keep your eye out for open positions on our webpage. 

We are still actively raising funds for our capital campaign as well as operating the home.  Here are just a few disheartening statistics that show the importance of opening a home like the Hagar House to support single-mother families. 

  • 90% of childhood runaways are from a single mom home
  • 75% of juvenile facilities and programs are youth from a singe mom home
  • Children from a single parent home are 10x more likely to do drugs 

These realities are not only detrimental to the health of our community, but they are costly. Check out the national expense average of facilities versus intervention services. 

Cost Analysis & Intervention

Juvenile Confinement

  • $588 per day
  • $214,620 per year

Community-Based Programs

  • $75 per day

Community-based programs engage the family, connect the youth to supportive neighborhood resources and consistently produce better outcomes than confinement

The Justice Policy Institute Article, July 2020

The Hagar House costs ONLY $33 a day! 

It takes $3,300 per month to host a family at The Hagar House. That means each time we secure 30 donors at just $100 per month, the living expenses for ONE family for an entire YEAR are covered.  We need your partnership! Please CLICK HERE to donate. 

 Our Vision: Empowering single mothers…

transforming generations! 

Come see the property! 

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