Who We Are

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Serving 5 FAMILIES
run by a team of staff and volunteers
supported by hundreds in our community.

Freeing single mothers from cycles of crisis through a Christ-centered community

Empowering single mothers → transforming generations

The Hagar House Inc. is a faith-based nonprofit entity founded in Wausau, WI in June of 2021. It was founded by Jessica Bretl, along with several community partners committed to providing support to single mothers in the greater Wausau area.


Freeing single mothers from cycles of crisis through a Christ-centered community


Empowering single mothers → transforming generation

The home provides a variety of services including temporary relief from living expenses, life-skill classes, debt assessment, and budgeting, as well as strong female mentorship. The length of stay will be approximately 6-18 months; an individualized plan will be based upon each family’s needs and goals. There will be a continual and intentional emphasis on residents working towards self-sufficiency and establishing their own healthy home. We know cycles of crisis can be broken and that real hope takes time and commitment.

What is our Why?

The Hagar House is crucial to the health of our community. The following are a disheartening reality of social determinates of homelessness and single mother homes.

Children of Single Parent Homes Are...

5x more likely to commit suicide

10x more likely to drop out of high school

78% of the current prison population were raised by single moms

3 Phase Plan

Phase 1

Assess individual needs and establish clear goals with a case advocate.

Phase 2

Actively working toward measurable goals, with regular meetings with case advocate.

Phase 3

Complete goals and plan for moving into their own home. Celebrate their journey!

6 Sphere Focus on Human Health

Areas of Focus


We provide a Christian environment, with a loving staff, and help connect our clients to local churches. We offer Bible studies and materials to help them grow in faith and navigate difficult situations.


We offer a safe and supportive environment to process heavy emotions, and connect our clients with local counselors, pastors, and support groups.


Safety is our top priority, and we encourage whole-body health through local resources such as the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, and other similar organizations.


We offer relief from living expenses and provide financial accountability during their stay. We conduct a detailed assessment of their debt, credit score, and budgeting skills, and create a clear plan for financial freedom and wise money management.


We help our clients connect with our caring staff, other moms, mentors, and community groups.

Life Skills

We offer classes on a variety of topics, including parenting, resume and interview preparation, conflict resolution, communication, healthy relationships, personal hygiene, cleaning, and health and fitness.

How We Meet These Needs For A Central Wisconsin Single Mom

Establishing specific goals for self-sufficiency

Physical and Emotional Health Care Services Coordination

Legal Services Coordination

One on One Mentorship Program

Group Bible Studies, with a focus on personal purpose, identity, and freedom

Financial relief, assessment, and planning

Life Skills Classes on a variety of topics

- Parenting
- Healing from Childhood Trauma
- Resume and Interview Prep
- Communication
- Conflict Resolution
- Healthy Relationships
- Budgeting
- Personal Hygiene
- Cleaning
- Health and Fitness

Who We Are

Leadership for The Hagar House | A Christ-centered Home for the Central Wisconsin Single Mom

Each one of these people has been called to be a light in their own way, to serve The Hagar House and free each Central Wisconsin single mom from cycles of crisis..  They come from all walks of life, with vastly different backgrounds, all with one common goal; to free single mothers from cycles of crisis through a Christ-centered community.  In the words of the Executive Director – “God sent people who punched holes in the darkness…”

Story of Hagar

Hagar was a single mother who knew the pain of feeling hopeless. She was burdened with the task of raising her child alone and struggling to survive. When she found herself in the unforgiving desert with no hope in sight, that’s when God saw her and met her in her difficult situation. He refreshed her with water from a nearby well and gave her the strength to carry on.

Later, she and her young son were cast out of their home with little to no resources. Once again, God intervened and answered the child’s cries for help. In his compassion, God provided for them.

All around us today are modern-day widows and orphans who are struggling. They often feel alone and neglected, facing challenges we cannot imagine. They feel invisible and unheard, but God SEES and HEARS the single mom, and as His people, we should strive to help them.

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