Respite Resource Renewal

August 2021

Central Wisconsin Single Mom reading a book to her daughter in bed before going to sleep.

 We are so excited to share with you all that has unfolded in the last month! 

Our talented videographer and editor, Drew, has spent many hours creating a great promo video! This first video is a fundraising tool, rather than an all-encompassing informational video, and is just one of many videos we will be creating from our day recording on the 400 Block. Enjoy!

We have added a new member to our Board of Directors. James Thompson will now be serving alongside our current team of 3 ladies. We will be updating our website to include a little about him soon. 

In our last newsletter we had mentioned a property. We had walked through 6 different property listings that were not a good fit, when God seemed to simply drop this amazing place into our laps. The owners have been incredibly supportive and a true blessing. We will share more about them and the home once we are able. However, we are so excited to share that it is only because of God’s transforming power in the life of one man, that we are even able to entertain this property. A year ago, this month, a man named Matt radically found salvation in Jesus Christ! Feeling gripped by the Holy Spirit, he asked God for a clear purpose for this new life he had been given, “something big” he said. God answered him the very next day when he heard about the vision for The Hagar House from his friend. Without a doubt or second of hesitation He downsized his belongings, sold his home, and moved 3.5 hours to Wausau for the sole purpose of helping launch The Hagar House! To God be the Glory! This man’s obedience is paving the way for this property to become The Hagar House as he is securing it now for us to purchase once we have raised funds. This is just STEP 1 to obtaining this home. The next steps are where you all come in! 

 STEP 2– We received great news from The Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin (CFONCW). They have accepted our application to be our fiscal sponsor for our fundraising while we await our own federal nonprofit status. What this ultimately means is we can now officially accept your donations! Many of you have asked how to financially support us, and NOW YOU CAN! A huge thank you to the CFONCW! 

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